Beauty Starts With Hair

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Before trying to find which would be the best hair growth products for your situation, let’s start with some basics of what can cause these problems in the first place so you would have an understanding of why you have this problem in the first place.

Why does my hair stop growing?

A big influence is genes. Everything is programmed in our genes – hair color, hair type, thickness, and even how long your hair can grow. Often even when you will get your first grey hair. Everyone’s hair stops growing at some point. For some of us, it is neck length but for others even floor length. When they stop growing they enter a resting phase, then they start falling out and then they regrow. Even though it is written in your genes, you still can affect your hair growth in different ways. We all know that because of genes often men are losing hair at a certain age but our in days’ women are suffering from this problem as well.

What can affect hair growth?


Age affects a lot of things, and hair growth is not an exception. They are not just turning grey, but age slows down the growth. When you are getting older, your hair is getting dryer. As we know, because of aging, it is common that men are losing hair. But we live in a time when women are dealing with the same problem – hair loss. It is connected with the reduced hormone production in a woman’s body.


One of the most common things that affect your hair is stress. These days it is hard to be calm and not stressed about life. I think every woman in her life has faced this problem. You cannot take for granted the psychological factors that can affect your health. Because of physical or psychological stress, your body triggers telogen effluvium. It causes the hair roots to go to a resting phase in which hair is not growing.

Lifestyle and diet

Often hair thinning and not growing is caused because of our lifestyle and diet. We do not receive all the vitamins that our body needs so it could properly function. Even our lifestyle can affect us. If we don’t get all the vitamins and proper rest that we need then our body is just too tired and doesn’t have the strength to function right. Including hair growth.

Hair treatments and styling products

Hair coloring, the chemical shampoos we use, or hairdryers can make our hair dry and damaged. These everyday things are damaging our hair and stopping hair growth.

My best friend was struggling with hair growth for years and she never could grow them longer than shoulder length. At one point she realized that she needs to stop coloring them and then started to take the proper care of them. Now it’s been two years and her hair is longer than ever. 

If you are using these things then you should think about how to moisturize and nourish your hair so they would stay strong and healthy.

 These are just a few reasons that can affect your hair growth. If you want to find out more about hair growth, hair growth products that can help you then read more on our website or visit our shop.