Lemongrass Essential Oil by Gya Labs

  • EARTHY ZEST – Our lemon grass oil perspires a LEMONY & ZESTY AROMA as if you’re smelling FRESH LEMONGRASS HERBS. With hints of GROUNDING HERBACEOUS NOTES, our essential oil lemongrass protects you for safer outdoor trips, soothe aches & uplift mood.
  • DIFFUSE OR TOPICAL – Use lemongrass essential oil for diffuser to UPLIFT YOUR SPIRITS. Blend lemongrass essential oils with carrier oils for topical use to STAY PROTECTED for greater OUTDOOR FUN, or massage to RELIEVE SORE MUSCLES.
  • WORRY FREE OUTINGS – The lemony citrus scent of lemon grass oils SAFEGUARD YOU & YOUR FAMILY from bothersome LIFE’S LITTLE PROBLEMS. Feel free to explore and ENJOY THE NATURE with your loved ones IN PEACE.
  • FUN ADVENTURES AWAIT – Essential oils lemongrass helps to ALLEVIATE MUSCLE PAIN & SORE JOINTS for you to MOVE FREELY. Resume those EXCITING EXPEDITIONS again with your ACHE-FREE BODY while enjoying FUN MOMENTS with your friends.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Gya Labs lemon grass essencial oil is harvested from THAILAND & STEAM DISTILLED to perfection. It is perfect for aromatherapy with lemongrass essential oil diffuser, to apply lemongrass oil for skin, or use lemongrass oil for bees.


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