Jojoba oil by Teak Naturals

  • ORGANIC NON-GMO + PURE – Teak Naturals Cold-Pressed Jojoba Oil easily absorbs into the skin carrying all the essential elements with no additives or parabens. Our cold-pressed oil retains the potent nutrients of Jojoba Oil and is great for hair and skincare, lips, face, stretch marks, beard itch, beard growth, acne, and as a carrier oil for essential oils while providing intense antioxidant anti-inflammatory benefits. Use to moisturize and soothe dry, normal, and oily skin.
  • MOISTURIZE SKIN with our miracle Jojoba Oil. Vitamins and fatty acids will smooth skin, hair, and nails. With a comedogenic rating of 2, pure, fragrance-free Jojoba Oil is perfect for sensitive skin, acne, makeup remover, pore cleansers, and anti-aging. Apply 2-3 drops onto the face or use as a makeup remover by rubbing a few drops into skin and gently wiping with a warm, moist cloth. Youthful, plump, skin is yours with just a few drops of this soothing, nourishing, and moisturizing oil.
  • HAIR AND BODY – Silky hair is yours! Natural vitamins will repair and nourish dry, frizzy, and brittle hair. Jojoba Oil is rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 which means that not only is Jojoba Oil fantastic as a moisturizer, it is also an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant oil, fighting damage caused by the sun and free radicals. Use on sunburn or sun-damaged skin to help heal and reduce the effects of sun damage on the skin while simultaneously soothing and healing the damage.
  • ABSORBS EASILY – All natural organic golden Jojoba Oil is processed with pure processing that naturally leaves all the nutrients in the oil and filters out waxy esters, to easily nourish skin and hair without any sticky or waxy residue. Perfect as a carrier oil for applying or mixing essential oils, Jojoba Oil is great for use on arms, hands, cuticles, d├ęcolletage, face, and hair. Naturally moisturize, heal, renew, and protect your skin and hair with Teak Naturals Jojoba Oil.
  • QUALITY GLASS BOTTLES – We use dark amber glass bottles to protect organic, multi-purpose, unscented, quality oil, and maintain purity and nutrients by avoiding damaging UV rays and varying temperatures. For further protection, store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Try the perfect skincare solution for your embarrassing skin problems – no more breakouts or redness! We offer a RISK-FREE buying experience by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee – love it or get your money back!


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