Headband Satin Curling Set by colorfarm



  • Effortless Heatless Curls: Achieve bouncy and dreamy curls with little effort using our heatless hair curler. Simply wrap your hair around the curler and let it work its magic while you sleep. Wake up in the morning with beautiful curls without any heat damage
  • No Heat: Hair curlers helps you achieve a curly style all over the hair without the heat, time or effort of an electric or heated curling wand. Heatless curling rod headband just give your hair a shape to dry into, allowing you to achieve a styled effect without the damage
  • For All Hair Types: The satin heatless curling do zero damage to your hair and is the most gentle, perfect for natural, textured, or damaged hair. Curlers keep hair tightly in place and is ideal for thick, thin, curly or straight hair
  • Easy To Use: 1. While your hair is slightly damp, place the ribbon over your head like a headband, using the clip to hold it in place. 2. Twist sections of hair around the ribbon, adding a little more to each section as you go, and tie off the sections at the bottom with the scrunchies. 3. Wait a few hours or sleep overnight to get beach waves
  • Portable Overnight Hair Curlers: You can use this lightweight and portable no heat curlers anywhere, anytime! It requires no power to get the perfect curls. The hair curling wrap is made of soft EVA, so comfortable and soft that you can sleep all night