Hairgenics propidren hair growth conditioner

  • Propidren Hair Loss Conditioner contains amazing hair healing and regrowth ingredients including: Biotin, Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, Seaweed Extract, Enriched Vitamins and Amino Acids, Hydrolyzed Keratin, DHT blocking agents, and Silk Proteins. This synergistic combination of ingredients infuses your hair with moisture resulting in softer, shinier and healthier hair. It is a USDA Biobased Certified Product with certified organic ingredients and sulfate free!
  • Propidren Conditioner contains clinically researched levels of Biotin for maximum hair growth and health. Biotin not only promotes healthy hair growth but also prevents hair dryness. Biotin also increases the elasticity of the hair cortex, thereby strengthening hair, minimizing hair breakage and helping hair grow longer, healthier and thicker.
  • Scientific research on hair loss has shown that the number one factor in hair loss is the production of dihydrotestosterone or DHT. Propidren Conditioner contains clinically proven DHT blockers including Saw Palmetto Extract which effectively block DHT and prevent hair loss. Our Conditioner has been specially formulated to address the key conditions that contribute to hair loss and thinning hair as well as repair dry and damaged hair for full, thick, voluminous, shiny and healthy-looking hair!
  • For the best results, use for at least 3 months and utilize the complete Propidren Hair Care System including our Propidren Pills, Shampoo and Topical Serum that will help you achieve that full, thick and healthy looking hair that you want.
  • Only the best, and highest purity ingredients go into our products! 100% Money Back Guarantee for any reason.


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