Hair Growth & Volume by Genesis Today

  • GT HAIR GROWTH & VOLUME HAIR SUPPLEMENT: Hair loss? No problem. 5-MTHF and 5000 mcg biotin to the hair rescue! 5-MTHF is a ready form of folate, an essential B vitamin that supports methylation, your hair loss culprit! And biotin is an essential vitamin that supports strong, healthy, and radiant flowing locks. Long, strong hair, do care!
  • BRITTLE HAIR OR HAIR LOSS: This is the formula for you. The combination of 5-MTHF and biotin results in a strong duo to combat shedding strands. Many people don’t get enough 5-MTHF naturally, so supplement your health and get the nutrients you need.
  • HEALTH STARTS WITH YOU: At GT, we’re all about supplementing your health because a healthy body is a beautiful body. It starts with good habits and routines, like taking your morning supplements!
  • SUPPLEMENTS THAT ARE SUGAR FREE. We don’t want you to have to eat sugar packed supplements to feel healthy, our quick capsules are jam packed with nutrients and will do the trick! Providing lasting energy and feeling of well-being without the crash.
  • GT, WE’RE MAKING WELLNESS SIMPLE. We believe that wellness should be accessible for all. We’ll guide you to simple solutions. Think of us as your inner voice, your right-hand man, but armed with wellness know all.


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