Hair Growth Serum Intense by Mayraki

  • Mayraki Hair Growth Intense Serum is an all-natural product that encourages hair growth and strand thickening. It contains a unique blend of botanical ingredients including Ginger Essence, Sophora Flavescens, and Platycladus Orientalis extract, with Mayraki’s Specific Copper Peptide complex.
  • The serum increases the number of hair follicles and reinforces the scalp capillaries. Essentially, the product works by improving the health of the scalp, thereby preventing hair loss and promoting the growth of new hair.
  • Hair growth serum boosts keratin production leading to stronger and shinier looking hair. Look forward to seeing a rapid, visible improvement in your hair’s condition!
  • Mayraki Professional has developed an intense hair growth serum designed to maximize hair regrowth, thicken, and strengthen the follicles. It does this by combining its repertoire of all-natural ingredients with our very own Specific Copper Peptide complex.


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