Hair Growth Oil Natural with Caffeine, Biotin and Castor by VigorWell

  • INTENSIVE HAIR GROWTH: Our natural hair growth oil is designed to accelerate your hair growth within no time. It offers an excellent touch to your hair reducing hair loss and making the hair thicker and stronger. 
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The hair growth oil is made of natural materials such as Caffeine, Biotin, and Castro, which are safe and effective in stimulating your hair growth. No side effects or toxic chemicals in our hair growth serum that could lead to skin irritations. 
  • PERFECT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: Our hair growth oil works excellently for all hair types from normal hair, color-treated, ethnic hair, or curly. Rough, soft, kinky, or unruly hair, you will still the growth acceleration effect within a short time. 
  • EASY TO USE: The natural hair growth serum is made for daily use at home. Apply 2-3 drops into your scalp and massage your hair with your fingers for excellent results. Always apply the oil after washing and rinsing your hair. 
  • GUARANTEED RESULTS: With our hair growth oil, you are sure of strong, thicker, and longer hair within a short time. The hair serum is ideal for intensive hair care. 


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