Hair Growth Essence Spray by The Asian Secrets

  • PROMOTES HAIR REGROWTH: The REVITO Herbal Hair Growth Essence Spray stimulates hair follice cells through cuttingedge herbal formula and technologyand restores damaged cells to facilitate dormant hair follicle regrowth. 2-
  • REVITALIZES 80% HAIR FOLLICLE CELLS: It is packed with the necessary herbal extracts needed to make your hair healthy by strengthening and conditioning the roots of the hair, enhancing the quality of your hair
  • HAIR LOSS REDUCES: Daily use of hair spray (twice a day) reconstructs the role of the scalp barrier and progressively reduces hair loss by preserving scalp pH levels and controlling oil secretion
  • CHEMICAL FREE: REVIVO Hair Growth Spray is made from organic natural plant extracts such as Ginseng, Ginger, Polygonum, Angelica and Horse Chestnut and is 100% herbal and free of any chemicals.
  • NONMESSY AND CONVENIENT: The easy spray method protects you from oil or sticky cream massage wars, which makes it less timeconsuming.The bottle is travel size, so you can use it anywhere you go easily.


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