FDA Cleared Hair Regrowth Cap for Men and Women

  • 1-year warranty, 100% Safe, & Best Value: 81 Premium diodes with the highest coverage. 1 Year Warranty for defect of all parts. Lightweight and comfortable to wear. Comes with a free carrying case for travel.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: We use a built-in infrared sensor switch so the cap automatically stops after 30 min. of therapy. Our cap gives you the freedom to move around and enjoy daily activities.
  • CONVENIENT & PAINLESS: Nodea Cap provides a safe treatment that has no heating effect, no damage to the skin, and no side effects.
  • SIMPLE & EASY TO USE: Use it once every other day. Place on your head and turn on the power key and helmet will automatically start working, After 30 minutes of therapy, automatically end of one treatment
  • FDA CLEARED: It has been clinically studied and is the most powerful and technologically advanced for hair and prevention for all genders.


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