Complete Hair Growth Kit by Dr. Meral’s Elixir

  • CLINICALLY PROVEN: Results of our DRUG-FREE thinning hair products have been proven clinically & by in-vitro lab tests made in France. You’ll stop hair loss and notice new & thicker hair growth in 3-4 months with regular use of our hair treatment kit
  • FULLER HAIR IN 3, 2, 1: Eliminate causes of hair loss in 3 easy steps that are already part of your daily routine. Stop thinning hair & regrow hair by using hair growth serum & shampoo, and by nourishing hair from the roots with hair vitamins tablet
  • COMPLETE TREATMENT: DHT blocker Serum stops hair loss, regrows hair & repairs capillaries that feed hair follicles. Tablet delivers biotin, B vitamins & plant extracts. Shampoo (FOR FREE IN THIS KIT – $31.99 VALUE) cleanses scalp for serum absorption
  • DOCTOR FORMULATED: Our hair growth products were formulated by Prof. Meral Sasoglu MD. We’ve sourced the most effective & safest natural ingredients to give you the best hair products that prevent hair loss, and provide fuller & thicker hair regrowth
  • DR. MERAL’S GUARANTEE: Try our set worry-free with 30-day money back guarantee; your hair will start thickening within weeks. Note that having control of hair loss and getting noticeable hair growth usually take place within 3-4 months of regular use


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