Biotin & Argan oil Shampoo and Conditioner by Sugarfox

  • Shampoo that Slows Down & Reverses Hair Loss: The shampoo & conditioner strengthens hair follicles, reduces hair shedding, and promotes new hair growth. For a thicker fuller head of hair with this shampoo & conditioner set
  • Repair Damaged Hair: Shampoo improves the overall appearance of your hair. Fights the 5 signs of damaged hair: split ends, weak, rough, dull and dehydrated hair
  • Proprietary Shampoo & Conditioner Formula: Includes Biotin, DHT Blockers, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Aloe Oil, Fennel Seeds, Caffeine, along with various other natural ingredients that fortify each strand, reinforcing the hair fiber. The best shampoo for less breakage and more growth
  • Detoxify Hair & Scalp: The shampoo breaks down gunk, germs and bacteria and clear buildups in your hair for a healthier scalp and head of hair
  • For Best Results: Use shampoo 2 – 3x a week, followed by the conditioner. For noticeable results use the shampoo and conditioner for atleast an entire month. Check ingredients before use for allergies


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