The difference between hair oils and hair serum

hair oil vs hair serums

Hair oils vs Hair serum

It can get really confusing if we need to choose the right hair care products for our hair. These products take a big part when it comes to healthy, silky, strong and beautiful hair.

A lot of people get confused between hair serums and hair oils. They seem like the same product but they are not. Just a few can tell the difference between those two hair products. Before buying them you should know when and why you need to use hair serum and hair oil.

Hair serum

Hair serums are a styling tool. They add shine, makes your hair smoother, protects against humidity, heat and keeps the frizz away. Hair serum keeps the hair scalp dry and prevents dandruff and fungal infections to the scalp.

You need to use them if you are styling your hair. The best way how to use it is to apply 1-2 drops to your hair while they are wet.

Hair oil

Hair oils are treatments. Their function is to condition and to nourish your hair. They improve the health of your hair and scalp. Hair oils are full of fatty acids. These acids replace lipids within each hair strand and this helps with split ends. Also, they help to prevent breakage.  

You can apply hair oil in your hair while they are wet. You can put them in your shampoo or use them as a hair mask. It depends on the oil and your hair.

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