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Castor oil

8 homemade hair masks with Castor oil

Find out which are the best homemade hair masks with Castor oil. Visit our website and get your own Castor oil and try out these hair masks by your self. Don’t forget to share your experience with castor oil.  Hair masks with Castor oil 1. Castor Oil For Hair Growth Ingredients: 1 Tablespoon Castor Oil […]


Best hair oils for hair growth  

Best hair oils that stimulate hair growth  Using hair oils is the best way to pamper your hair. It is one of the best ways to get stronger, healthier, thicker and longer hair. Hair oils give your hair the essential nutrients and proteins that your hair needs. I made a list of the best hair […]


Easy coconut homemade hair masks

Coconut oil for hair Coconut oil has tons of fatty acids. That’s why it is a great natural conditioner. That’s is not the only benefit from it. Coconut oil can help reduce levels of yeast on your scalp that can lead to dandruff. Also, it is a popular ingredient in a wide range of products. […]

Essential oils for hair growth

Essential oils for hair growth

I think that we all know that essential oils are known for their aromatic capabilities. But that is not the only reason why and how you should use them. Did you know that essential oils are great for hair growth? Essential oils are much safer and just as effective as conventional hair care products.   So […]