About us

Welcome to beautystartswithhair.com – everything about hair growth products

My name is Baiba. I am someone who has been obsessed with hair and hair growth for a while now. In my past, I’ve been dealing with problems like hair loss and my hair always just stops growing at one point. I’ve been reading a lot of information about it and tried a lot of cures. I created Beauty starts with hair for women and men who wants to learn about hair and find a solution to their problems. I know how hard it can get and how often you just wish that you would have beautiful, long and thick hair.

This is a page where you will find information about hair and all kind of hair growth products. I made this page to help others to understand what they need and what is causing all this in the first place. I’ve been dealing with these problems and I know how frustrating it can get. At one point you can feel even insecure about it but we can deal with these problems.

So I hope that this page will be helpful for you!

If you have any questions feel free to ask: